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Subject: Grocery Stores
Comment: As large as Bastrop is why do we still only have two grocery stores! Personally I'm fed up with how busy and full heb is these days. We need some discount grocery stores like Aldi or even a target or Randalls! Any news on new grocery stores? - RY
Editor's Comment: No news of any new grocery stores coming. There are some days or hours that HEB is not as busy-figuring out when is the problem.
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Subject: When is the 4th of July Fireworks?
Question: What day will the 4th of July fireworks be done on? - CO
Location: Bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: The 4th of July fireworks will occur on Friday night, July 3rd.

Subject: new pet store
Question: When will the new pet store be open? It's in the strip mall with Bealls - PF
Location: BASTROP
Editor's Comment: The new pet store is already opened.

Subject: Crackel Barrel
Question: Are they to come here in Bastrop???? It would bef they do... - JF
Location: Bastrop , Tx
Editor's Comment: No news on Cracker Barrel coming.

Subject: New construction in Burleson
Question: I heard from an employee of a business in the Burleson Crossing that the new construction north of the old Cherry Berry store will include a Wing Stop and a Garcia's Mexican restaurant. Any truth to this? - BLH
Location: Bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: No announcements yet. Should be hearing soon.

Subject: New construction
Question: Hi,would you happen to know,what's going into the strip center across from Best Buy? They have poured a slab right next to Cherry Berry, but no signage as too what may be going there, hopefully a good restaurant, that has something besides Mexican or Pizza. RN - rn
Location: Cedar Creek , Tx
United States
Editor's Comment: Nothing yet-hope to hear soon.

Subject: new construction clearing
Question: the two spot nera walmart they cleared the area one by shell and moble (old china chef area) and the other behind the arbors apt. and walmaert. do you kno what the plans are for any of those - ert
Editor's Comment: No announcement yet on the cleared area in the front where China Chef was. Behind the Arbors Apt and Walmart will be a residential portion of the River's Bend at Pecan Park project.90 home sites are planned for this Headwaters section.

Subject: Jason's Deli?
Question: I ran across a comment on Facebook from a Jason's Deli employee in San Marcos that claimed knowledge that the chain plans to open a Bastrop location. Or knowledge or have you heard rumblings about something like this? - BLH
Location: Bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: No official announcement has been made about this. Have heard many people would like to see them come to Bastrop.

Subject: hobby lobby
Question: Is the hobby lobby open in Bastrop yet - jg
Location: elgin , tx
Editor's Comment: There have been some weather delays, but they hope to open in November.

Subject: hobby lobby
Question: When and where can you apply for full time cashier at the Bastrop Tx Hobby Lobby Store? - SF
Editor's Comment: Have not heard any announcements about this.
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