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Subject: donut
Comment: I heard bastrop dunking donuts opens in October - ad
Editor's Comment: This is possible- I continue to see work being done at this location. Have not seen any definite day given for their opening yet.

Subject: Dunkin donuts
Comment: It appears contractors are finally working inside the new dunkin donuts as of aug 2nd! The logos are still on the windows for d&d. Saw that the main door in front was open with workers in and out. - Js
Editor's Comment: Thanks for the information. I have received several reports about this!

Subject: nice job
Comment: you are doing a great job Thank you - pb
Location: bastrop , tx
Editor's Comment: Thank you!

Subject: Chick Fil A
Comment: Chick fil A is hiring. BEDC on Facebook has the information. - cs
Location: Bastrop , tx
Editor's Comment: Thanks for the information. You can also go to their web site. We have a link to it on our home page-go to Links and you will find The Bastrop Economic Development's link.
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Subject: Update on Dunkin" Donuts
Question: Has location changed? - WEP
Location: Bastrop , TX
United States
Editor's Comment: The latest information that was received is that Dunkin Doughnuts is still expected in this location.

Subject: Long John Silvers
Question: Any idea as to when they will start contruction on Long John Silvers? - GY
Editor's Comment: No indication when they will start construction.

Subject: HEB remodel
Question: When will the Bastrop HEB be finished? - PF
Location: Bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: The Bastrop H-E-B ‘Plus Store’ will be ready by mid-November before Thanksgiving. 29,000 square feet have been added.

Subject: Swimming pool
Question: Just a question on Bastrop Municipal Pool. Is the one swimming pool out at Bastrop State Park the only public pool in the area? And what about any other comments or rumors going around about another pool being built on a bigger and better scale for the upgrading population of the county? Example of my question would be my husband and I have been here since 1992 at a 38,thou. Population to today at 78,thou. With the same exact pool. Everything else in the area is upgrading, sure would be nice to see another choice for the children and elderly of this community.😎 - DLC
Location: Bastrop , Tx
Editor's Comment: The swimming pool at the Bastrop State Park and the Elgin pool are the 2 public pools in Bastrop County. The YMCA manages the Bastrop pool and serves about 200-500 persons daily. The season ends on August 24th. You probably heard that the city of Bastrop and the YMCA are working for an Indoor Recreation center which would include an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a kitchen, and social meeting areas. The city is working with the County to obtain a FEMA grant provided the facility doubles as a community disaster shelter-which would help pay for some of the overall cost.

Subject: Dunkin donuts
Question: Has Dunkin Donuts backed out or are they still putting in a store. - Jap
Location: Smithville , Tx
Editor's Comment: See the Comments/feedback today-activity has started for Dunkin Doughnuts!

Subject: Old China Buffet Location
Question: What is being built where the China Buffet was? - DG
Editor's Comment: No announcements have been made yet.
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